Pack List

Here it is, Team. Print this out and save, then use it as a check list while packing.

Although it’s hard to believe, all of this will fit into one smallish suitcase. (just inches larger than a standard carry-on)

If you’re staying overnight in Waukesha, you can pack 2 bags- one collapsible (a lite-weight duffel bag) for your helmet and bike gear. Once you are dressed Sat. morning, you can stow the duffel bag into your suitcase, so you only have ONE bag total.

The Ultimate Pack List

The following is a list of things you CAN bring, not HAVE TO bring!

On Your Person (the morning of)

bike shorts         cell phone                sunglasses
bike shoes           race bib
socks                  Road ID or Drivers License/Insurance cards
jersey                 Breakfast or Power bar
sport bra            bike computer
helmet                camera
gloves                 H2O

On Your Bike

nail clippers                floss
x-tra contact/saline solution                          team cards
map                            spare tube                      Xtra lenses if have multi-lens shades
Cash or CC                 Chapstick
Purex                          meds/allergy pills
T.P.                             mini pump
tool kit                       clip covers for road shoes
liquid band-aid           camera

In Your Suitcase
everything should be in a large garbage bag-inside of your suitcase (in the event of rain)

small fan                    Phone charger
shower kit                 meds/allergy pills
sheets/pillow            toothbrush/paste
undies/bra/socks    asprin/tylinol/excedrin(etc)            Alarm clock
saline & cleaner        glasses                     Q-tips            ear plugs
contact case            towel/wash cloth
shower shoes            gear for Sunday (shorts, jersey, socks, sport bra)
street shoes             bug spray
shorts/pants            jammies
Ziplock with laundry soap (if you’re wearing your Sonic jersey both days, you can wash it in the sink (or shower!) and hang to dry overnight.
plastic bag (to store Sat. riding clothes in your luggage-they’ll be ripe!)

Tie a wild scarf or belt around the handle, so you can find it in the parking lot at UW Whitewater. (There will be 2000 other suitcases there as well……)

There are riders who carry nothing on the bike but their body. The stuff on this list is not  REQUIRED,  just ideas of what you MIGHT need!  If you only carry one item, it should be your ID and insurance cards. And a spare tube!


General Tips for MS 150

~Run a copy of your DL and Insurance cards (both sides) and keep in your Camel Bak or seat pack. (Or get a Road ID, which is a much better option!)
~Don’t buy new bike clothes the night before-wear any new stuff at least 1 week prior.
~No adjustments on your bike a week prior either!
~Fully charge your cell phone the night before. (Waterproof case or ziplock when on the bike)
~There will be sun block at each rest stop so you do not have to keep it w/ you unless you have a favorite brand. Put some on before you dress Sat. am though.
~Sat. a.m. eat what you normally eat for breakfast. There will be bagels and such on site, but it’s best to stick with what your tummy is used to the first day.
~When the crew is loading your bike Friday night, they will ask you to take your computer off the bike so it will not be damaged or lost.  Do not forget to bring it with you Sat. A.M. to put back on!`
~keep a camera/phone with you-take lots of photos!
~We will get course maps the morning of the event. Keep one on your bike. Always. (trust me on this!)
~If you have multi-lens shades, bring the other lenses.  It should be hot and sunny, but this is Wisconsin, it’s August, and you just never know.
~The tool kit and pump are optional, as there is great sag support, but if you’re in a hurry to beat a record or the clock, you may choose to do your own to save time. Bring a spare tube though, no matter what!
~By Power Bar, I mean whatever energy bar you are accustomed to eating. This is not the time to test new ones!
~If you can wait in line to use the rest rooms, great!  Keep in mind you will be drinking gallons of water (you SHOULD be, anyway!) and the lines at the ‘real bathrooms’ tend to be long. (Thus the TP and Purex on your bike!) Gals-if you haven’t figured out how to use a corn field, you may want to practice a few times prior to the ride!
~I’ve never taken more than $40 on this trip, as there is no place to spend it. (But now and then some of the kiosks have close-out bike stuff…And there is usually a great raffle Sat. night at the party in Whitewater….Trek Travel trip to Italy, or some fabulous thing 🙂
~Business cards with name and phone # or e-mail address on, as you will meet so many people along the way that you would have like to remain in contact with. (People will ask ‘what team are you on’? And think of potential  riders for next year!)
~Lip balm w/ sun block is a good thing!
~A small fan to put on the chair between the beds in you dorm room.  It’s very important because it IS August, and the air is always off as school is out of session. One fan per person, not per room. A small 10″ fan is about $5.00 It will fit in your suitcase easily.
~Pretend you are in collage again-pack your shower stuff in a mesh bag.  Hang it from the towel hook.
~Flip flops go from the shower to the party Sat. Night.
~The beds are extra long twins.  Bring your own sheets/pillow, or rent from the UW for less than $11 for pillows, blankets, and sheets. Or bring a sleeping bag & travel pillow.
~You will get a T-shirt at the finish line on Sat.  Sonic has team T’s for $10-this is a terrific way to show off the team at the party Sat. Night.

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