Violation of The Man Code

It started off just riding a fixed gear. Soon I was Dorothy. Then I had braids. Soon I was wearing a dress and ruby slippers. Did I lose a bet? Yes, I was wearing underwear, no I am not a licensed cross dresser. No I did not come from California And yes, I think I was having women problems. Whatever it takes to bring recognition to finding a cure for my friends with MS….I will do it!


Will Dorothy return???


Bill Brown (and Dorothy)


[Bill Brown is a big burly guy-at least 6’5″, 200 lbs. He’s a mans man-big game hunter, does taxidermy, lives in a log house in the woods. He did, indeed, wear a dress exactly like Dorothy’s, sequined ruby shoe covers, and braids with bows through his helmet. He will live in Bike MS history as the best costume EVER!]


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